Doesn’t it kinda looks like his belly tattoo s…

Doesn’t it kinda looks like his belly tattoo says “Unscared”?

For the Love of an Outlaw by TS Joyce

Joyce is good at angst. She measures out just the right amount so that I am pulled into the characters and their dilemmas. Too much more and I would be rolling my eyes and scoffing. A big bad shifter dude who won’t love the heroine in order to protect her from himself? Oh man, who cares? Turns out, I do!

Ava’s brother calls in the big favors and gets her to come back to their hometown to try and save his friend Trigger’s ranch. Trigger is aptly named– he’s got a hair trigger. Except when he lets go of his temper, people die. And while he has always wanted Ava for his own, he knows better than to expose her to his dark secrets.

Trigger is a shifter who can’t control himself. He is dangerous and deadly, especially to the people he loves. Ava has been on the outside looking in her whole life. She tells herself it doesn’t matter, but she is desperate to love and be loved. Joyce explores feelings of loss, belonging, self confidence, loyalty, etc. I really enjoyed this one and found it both engrossing and emotional. 4 stars.



Holigay Gift Guide: Advice for My Mother on Wh…

Holigay Gift Guide: Advice for My Mother on What Flannel to Buy My Butch Fiancée:

I loooooveeee a good flannel shirt. For my more femme-presenting ladies, I highly recommend Woolrich’s Boyfriend Tunic. Pricey, but doesn’t buckle or gape over my boobs and covers my butt and is super soft and comfy.

respectingromance: bookriot: For the half of…



For the half of you who clicked on this article thinking, “That’s…oddly specific. That can’t possibly be a thing,” I’m
here to tell you that bear shifter romances are most definitely a
thing. A really good thing. Heck, even a fairly popular thing. Bear
shifter romances may be few and far between, but they are pretty sought
after. Kindle Unlimited is chock full of male bears in small towns just
looking for their (preferably curvy) mate. Sound strange? Perhaps. I get
it, though. Bears are big and brawny and their larger massive body can
dwarf any woman regardless of her size. They are majestic and are
usually found in pretty remote places. Seclusion and forced proximity
are good for romance, and bears, by their bearish nature, can definitely
harness that energy into a pretty seductive romance.

For those of you who clicked on this article thinking, “YASSSSS”: Don’t worry, I’ve got you.

Let’s talk bears.

Bear shifters totally make sense to me. Bears are big and lumbering but also look like they’d give good hugs.

(Do not hug bears.)


The Glass Spare by Lauren Destefano Review

The Glass Spare by Lauren Destefano Review: undefined

Pretty good, even if not everything I wanted f…

Pretty good, even if not everything I wanted from the story came true.

The Sweethearts’ Knitting Club by Lori Wilde

Flynn does everything expected of her, and then some– even if it means lying to the people she loves to keep them happy. But she can’t quite bring herself to agree to marry her long time, on-again-off-again boyfriend, Beau. And then Jesse shows up in town. It’s been ten years since he went to prison and now he’s back to get his girl and his revenge against the people who sent him away.

So, I was totally expecting a bad boy, alpha male ex-con with a huge chip on his shoulder coming into town and laying havoc to all of Flynn’s good girl-ness.  And I really would have enjoyed that! The bitterness, the anger, the rage at being unjustly imprisoned for ten whole years! Imagine! Instead, Jesse is a good guy. He’s painted as the town troublemaker at a young age, and yeah, he bends the rules, but essentially he is a good dude who does the right thing. I still really liked him but a little more anger/angst would have gone a long way.

Flynn is such a people pleaser, it’s a little hard to like her. She lies and manipulates people just to keep from telling them the truth of how she really feels. Her indecision and hesitance over marrying Beau is also kind of frustrating– how long does a person have to dither before they figure out what they really want?

Also, the big plot climax is kind of a fizzle. Spoiler alert: Beau just sort of… confesses to everything when confronted. And yeah, he gets a little crazy while doing it but then Flynn just kind of… leaves. There’s no action or suspense at all. 

But the small town charm is super charming. And the slow burn to intense sexual chemistry between Flynn and Jesse is off the charts hot. 4 stars.

Currently Reading: Forest of a Thousand Lanter…

Currently Reading: Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by @juliecdao! I just finished The Glass Spare in the tub last night, and I started this book before going to bed. Honestly, I’m absolutely entranced. The prose is gorgeous, the premise is exciting, (I am such a die-hard for Evil Queen retellings!) plus blood, gore, dark magic, and mysterious prophecies! I am loving this and I’m so happy that I finally am able to get to it. Shout out to my local library for hooking me up! What are you guys currently reading this week?  

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What have you got to lose?

I nominated the book!

This book takes us on a journey of how the cos…

This book takes us on a journey of how the cospect on Christmas started and where it is in today’s eyes. A history of Christmas.

Oh, Theodora Taylor! Her books are deliciously…

Oh, Theodora Taylor! Her books are deliciously soapy, over-the-top and just plain fun.  Suspend all disbelief and jump on Taylor train! Also, all of her books have POC characters as protagonists!

His Revenge Baby: 50 Loving States, Washington

To save her brother and niece, Lilliana has to become Norio Nakamura’s next mistress. Norio finds himself quickly obsessed with “Ana” though he won’t break any of his strict rules for their relationship. But then! All kinds of crazy things happen– Ana’s betrayal, Norio’s secret half brother/hit man shows up, company takeovers, scheming fathers, etc. And then there is a revenge baby! It’s amazing. 

This book is a roller coaster ride from start to finish. It’s fun watching buttoned-down Norio learn to loosen up and love his Ana. 4 stars.

Her Perfect Gift: 50 Loving States, Illinois

Lacey has a one night stand and even though it is ah-maz-ing, she runs out the next morning, never to see her one-time lover again. See, she is hiding out, on the lam, managing a strip club under the table and can’t risk relationships or love. Except a mysterious benefactor buys the strip club! And who could it be?? A half Japanese, half Chinese hit man named Suro Nakamura— her one night stand! 

This one doesn’t have the external plot roller coaster that some other Taylor books have. Instead, Suro and Lacey settle into a kind of domestic bliss/ forced proximity for the Christmas holidays that is enjoyable and fun. 3 stars.

Her Russian Surrender: 50 Loving States, Indiana

Sam meets and dismisses famous ex-hockey player Nicholai. But he can’t get Sam out of his head. So, obviously, he forces her to move in with him to care for his surprise nephew who witnessed the murder of his parents and may be in grave danger from Russian mobsters. And then she gets preggos! Wow. 

Here’s the thing– this is not the most well written, lyrical, or amazing romance novel I have ever read. But it still made me tear up at the end. Sam and Nicholai are both damaged people who don’t believe they are worthy of love and can’t easily trust others. But they both desperately want love, even if they can’t always admit it. Watching them battle each other, and their own selves, for happiness moved me.  4 stars.