All three cats in one shot AND the robot vacuu…

All three cats in one shot AND the robot vacuum!

gnc/butch woman literature masterpost


the op of this post was a terf so i’m reposting it because i think these resources are important and useful!! i have not read all of these resources myself, so let me know if there’s an issue with any of them and i’ll remove it!



Stone Butch Blues – Leslie Feinberg [pdf]

Crybaby Butch – Judith Frank

Far from Xanadu – Julie Anne Peters

Persistent Desire – Joan Nestle

Annie on my mind– Nancy Garden

Keeping you a secret– Julie Anne Peters

Leaving L.A.– Kate Christie

Me and you and daisies– Lily R. Mason

The world unseen– Shamim Sarif

Wildthorn– Jane England

Tipping the velvet– Sarah Waters

Dare truth or promise– Paula Boock

And Playing the role of herself– K.E. Lane

Hunter’s Way– Gerri Hill

Ash– Malinda Lo

The price of Salt– Patricia Highsmith

Patience & Sarah– Isabel Miller

The Gravity between us– Kristen Zimmer

Her name in the sky– Kelly Quindlen

Taking the long way– Lily R. Mason

Fingersmith– Sarah Waters

Everything Leads to You – Nina LaCour

She’s My Ride Home – Jackie Bushore


Our Right to Love: A Lesbian Resource Book by Ginny Vida

Lesbian/Woman by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon

Family Values: Two Moms and Their Son by Phyllis Burke

Inseparable: Desire between Women in Literature by Emma Donoghue, (Knopf)

My Lesbian Husband: Landscape of a Marriage by Barrie Jean Borich

Butch is a Noun, by S. Bear Bergman.- a collection of essays written by the author exploring what it means to be butch

Dagger: On Butch Women, edited by Lily Burana and Roxxie Linea Due.

The Persistent Desire, A Femme-Butch Reader, edited by Joan Nestle.

Persistence: All Ways Butch and Femme, edited by Ivan E. Coyote and Zena Sharman

Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers: A History of Lesbian Life in Twentieth-Century America, by Lillian Faderman

Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold- Elizabeth Kennedy & Madeline Davis


Lesbian Herstory Archives – this is the coolest website ever for browsing stuff about lesbians in history

(and Here’s a link for the Lesbian Herstory Archives’ audio tapes collection, its really cool check it out! Great for finding interesting stuff if u dont know what to read/listen to and would like to kill some time 😀 !)

The Lesbrary – super cool blog dedicated to lesbian literature

Good Lesbian Books–  cool website. Heres a link to their list of Free Stuff 🙂

Books to watch out for – lesbian book reviews and literary news

Lesbian Fiction Review

Lesbian Science Fiction

Sistahs on the Shelf – Cool site dedicated to Black Lesbian fiction. Reviews, News, Recommendations, Authors n more

Canadian Lesbian Book Blog

Biblioteca Feminista – Books/ book recommendations in Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian

List of Lesbian Authors’ sites

Lesbian full-text works on the web – list of lesbian content available for free on the web. Mostly older works

LGBT books for teens

UK Lesbian Fiction

Women and Words – site devoted to bringing news, interviews, writing tips, giveaways and more

The Book Dyke blog

LGBT Romance Novels

Lesbian History Bibliography

Bella Books

(WP) Ragnarok Now

32(WP) Ragnarok Now

You must’ve drunk too much during D&D night last night because when you finally get to sleep, you’re bombarded by strange dreams.


You and your party are walking down a wooded path, toward a clearing bathed in moonlight.

You can’t understand what everyone is saying; their words are muted as if you’ve all been dunked underwater. Your steps are especially slow as if the lot of you are walking through syrup.

You hear words coming out of your own mouth, though you don’t even feel your lips move.

“Allfather, maker, and master of all that is, we come to you with heavy hearts. Your children, the gods, control our actions. We seek to wage war against them.”

The clearing goes dark as if the clouds are hiding the eye of the silver moon.

 At the center of it all, there are gravestones, but they waver in and out of sight, all emblazoned with your party’s names.

The ground begins to rumble, and then part, beneath your feet, ominous blue light seeping out of the fissures. Your friends fall into the cracks, sealing them on the inside of the earth.


You wake up in a cold sweat, the ghost of the invocation still hovering on your lips. Your clothes stick to you, and your mouth feels like sand. You throw the sheet off of you and go to the kitchen, trying to calm the racing of your heart. You’re so rattled you don’t pay attention to how hard you’re walking. You get a glass of water from the tap and gulp it down, but the relief is temporary.

What are your friends going to say when you call them later, telling them that their weekly D&D session is canceled? You try to tell yourself that it was nothing but a dream, brought on by exhaustion and too much alcohol. But there was something about that ritual that felt real, and you can’t shake off your fear, no matter how many glasses of water you drink or breathing exercises you try.

You look at the digital clock on the microwave, squinting to see the numbers correctly. 3:52. It’s almost four o’clock in the morning, there’s no way that you can call your friends now. You force yourself to go back to bed, deciding to send a group text in the morning. You can get everyone together at breakfast and explain yourself then.


Morning dawns and everyone agrees to meet at the local diner a few blocks away. You still can’t shake the idea that the dream you had was not, in fact, a dream, but a vision. It has sat in your bones heavily, and you wait until everyone has gotten their meals to speak.

“I’m sorry, guys, but D&D has been canceled from now on,” you say, buying yourself some time by shoving a piece of bacon in your mouth.

Five different faces look up at you, blank with shock. Then they all speak at once.

“What? Why?!” “Oh, come on, Brayden, you can’t do that!” “I’ve been looking forward to it! Why are you doing this?”

“I had a dream that we were about to start Ragnarok and we all died. It was real. I saw your bodies disappear, the gravestones. I saw it all happen. I’m not risking your lives for a roleplaying game!”


(WP) Simple Courtesy

(WP) Simple Courtesy

               I got
engaged to be married to a wyvern by holding the door for him.

               I didn’t
think anything of it; I was only being polite. We both worked at the same
bookstore, and we happened to both be returning from our break, and he was
behind me, so I just held the door open.

beamed at me; his eyes dewy with something that I couldn’t understand.

you’re too kind! We’ll have to tell our parents, you know. Wyvern-human
marriage is generally frowned upon in my culture.”

stared at him, frowning. “Marriage? What are you talking about, Dalton?”

held the door for me, Patrick!” He answered as if this was obvious. “In my
culture, showing someone specific kindness, such as you just did for me, shows
the other person that you wish to be married!”

was that word, again. Marriage. I didn’t even know if I wanted to get married,
and now here I was, engaged to a wyvern. For opening the door.

that’s not what I meant,” I said hurriedly, damning the bright flush that was
climbing up my neck and flooding my cheeks. “I was only being polite!”

               But it
was too late to backpedal, and I found myself making a date to have dinner with
Dalton and his parents. My stomach had quickly tightened into knots, and nausea
was quickly roiling my stomach. How had this happened?


               When I
returned home, I told my parents the situation, feeling embarrassed all over

               My dad,
who’d been folding laundry in the living room, looked at me, brow furrowed. But
his eyes crinkled up at the corners, the corners of his mouth turned upward as
if fighting a laugh.

mother was sitting with a cup of coffee on the couch, frowning thoughtfully.

surely you can say that this is all a misunderstanding,” She said, taking a sip
of her drink. “I’m sure once you explain, it’ll be a laugh, and then we can
move on with our lives. Besides, we’ve been long overdue for a night out. We
need to make a good impression on our future in-laws.” She dropped a wink, and
my embarrassed “Mom!” was drowned out by my parents’ laughter.


               We met
with Dalton and his parents in a fancy restaurant on the outside of town. We
were all dressed nicely: I wore my finest suit, though it was too small and
parts of my wrists showed; Mom had donned a silk gray sheath dress and a little
tiny bag to match, with heels and my dad wore the tux he’d worn to his own
wedding to my mother, fifteen years before.

               But no
matter how nice we looked, my heart wouldn’t stop pounding, and sweat formed on
the back of my neck, my forehead, the small of my back. The restaurant wasn’t
even warm, but I couldn’t stay still. I had to get out of this, or I was going
to be married to a wyvern.


America Was Hard to Find by Kathleen Alcott Re…

Title: America Was Hard to Find

Author: Kathleen Alcott

Age Group: Adult

Genre: Historical Fiction

Series: Standalone

Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

               I received a copy of this book in a First Reads contest giveaway—my thanks to Goodreads and Ecco Publishers!

               I won this book as a prize in a First Reads giveaway, and I’ve been winning so many books recently that I’m trying to coordinate them by the month so as to line them up close to their actual publication dates. America Was Hard to Find was the first book in that stack that I could find that was published in May, so I decided to read it before I went back to my library stack. I just finished this book this morning, and I don’t know how I feel about it, honestly. Sad, thought-provoking, strange and visceral, this reimagining of The Cold War era was a strange story that I will never forget. It revolves around Fay Fern, a bartender turned radical, Vincent Kahn, an astronaut that is about to take America’s first steps on the moon, and the son that results from their forbidden union, Wright. Spanning decades and generations, this book was odd, brutal, strangely tender and thought-provoking. It’s hard to get my feelings on paper, because they’re all tangled up. This book was heartbreaking, tender, sad and blatantly political.

               Fay Fern is the daughter of affluent, wealthy parents, and both she and her sister, Charlie, have spurned their family’s wealth and constrained way of living. The girls’ only friend is a mean, drunk horse named Lloyd. Faye spends her days bartending and reading books. But the monotony of her life is broken by the arrival of a married astronaut, Vincent Kahn. They two begin a secret, forbidden affair, and nine months later, Fay’s son, Wright, is born. This book documents how Fay and Vincent attract one another, and Wright’s coming of age in the wake of his mother becoming a radical domestic terrorist. As I said, I’m not really sure how this book made me feel. It was vivid and well-written, but there were a lot of words that I wasn’t familiar with, and the pacing was kind of all over the place. But the characters were well-drawn and sympathetic: I liked how Fay and Charlie turned their backs on their controlling, constraining family boundaries, and I also enjoyed Wright as he grew up with his strange, radicalized mother. I liked the ending, and the other characters, but I really didn’t like Vincent. He just seemed thin and emotionless, and the book was bittersweet. Searing, eye-opening, and more than a little strange, America Was Hard to Find was a good book, even though it wasn’t normally one I would pick up. The bottom line: Political, bittersweet, tender and strange, I really enjoyed America Was Hard to Find. Next on deck: Grim Lovelies by Megan Shepherd!


Can a woman and man whose families hate each other become friends. When the triplets he has and the little boy the girl has become friends can they have a relationship



Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride shoes

Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Pride shoes

I don’t really wear sneakers, but dang I really want these shoes.

Had an amazing day at The Columbus Zoo and Aqu…

Had an amazing day at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium! We saw so many animals. I don’t even know which part was my favorite. We just left and I already want to go back with my two favorite girls. (at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium)


books books books

If I spend $20 on ebooks at Amazon, I’ll get a $5 credit. But what books do I buy?? There are so many options??

Tell me your favs! Romance preferred, but not required.