Give me ALL the werebears


Recently @notsomolly and I have been messaging about great werebear romance novels and I wanted to put together a list, mostly for myself, but also so others who enjoy bear shifters as much as us can enjoy them as well.  This list is NOT exhaustive, so please feel free to add and I will update it!

Goodreads lists:

Personal Recommendations:

  • Shift (Five Novellas) by Ruby Dixon; reviewed by @mfred here.
  • Guardian’s Mate by Jennifer Ashley: werebear paired with a werewolf.  Part of a massive series (Shifters Unbound) with other shifter types, but can be read on it’s own.
  • Bodyguard by Jennifer Ashley: novella from the Shifters Unbound series, one of my favorites – werebear/human paring.

@mfred Reviewed (all on my to read list):

  • Son of the Curse Bear by
    TS Joyce – reviewed here
  • T.S. Joyce’s entire werebear series – reviewed here
  • Bear Cop by Zoe Chant – reviewed here
  • Snowbound by Maeve Morrick – reviewed here
  • Tons more reviews for misc. books can be found here
  • Shifter Country Bears by Roxie Noir – reviewed here
  • Jade Crew series by Amelia Jade – reviewed here
  • Stone Bear series by Amelia Jade – reviewed here
  • Pine Ridge series by Belinda Meyers – reviewed here

@notsomolly Recommended:

What’s your favorite werebear romance?  I know that @thecrankyagnes is a paranormal fan, so I’m officially calling you out to comment.

Ahhhhh! What am I doing with my life? Oh right, reading werebear romance.

But of all the werebear romance I have read, I highly recommend Roxie Noir, TS Joyce, and Ruby Dixon.

Also, there’s another goodreads list for that (because of course there is)