Moar books

It just never ends! Books and books and books and books.


Ten Ways To Meet You by Alexis Alvarez 

Cute premise. A girl writes fantasies in her notebook about the cute guy in the coffee shop that she is too shy to actually introduce herself to. Then one day while she takes a bathroom break, the cute guy reads her stories! Fun little fantasies that run the gamut from cute to smutty, some light BDSM. 4 stars

Paying Daddy’s Debt by Alexa Riley 

Typical Alexa Riley. Older, rich gentleman spots impoverished, young virgin, is immediately both in lust and in love with her and steals her away at the first chance he gets. 3 stars

Pound of Flesh by Jessa Kane 

Smutty, fun take on the Beauty and the Beast trope. A hulking, scarred, tattooed beast of a man busts into Delilah’s apartment and takes her hostage over her brother’s debt to him. He can’t stop himself from gettin down and dirty with her but as it turns out, she likes it! And then they both discover they have feelings. I really liked how brutish Raider was and how he struggled with his emotions and his perceived masculinity. 3 stars