Hi!! I’m relatively new to tumblr and have been trying to incorporate more books into my multi-fandom blog. But I seem to have fallen into three categories: YA Fantasy, Historical Romance, or just those who like to take pretty pictures of their books, which are pretty but I’m looking for MORE…I want to read reviews, funny memes, and just talk about the book world. I read primarily romance, mostly contemporary, dark romance, erotica, Rom Com, etc. Do you have some fav blogs? Thank you!

Um oh margh gawd. I don’t even know where to begin, recommending romance blogs. The tumblr romance community has blossomed the past few months! I’ve been on tumblr over 5 years cough cough close to ten cough and I finally feel like I’ve found a little piece of home.

I will say, most of tumblr romancelandia is into historical romance. So if you start talking contemporary, dark romance, paranormal etc., I am here for that. Let’s start our own club!

Anyway, here are some of the romance bloggers I follow– if I forgot someone its because I’m drinking vodka right now. My deepest apologies. 

Also, you– hey you– if you are a romance tumblr you should reblob and tag yourself!!!




@romancepodden – fun memes