History Is All You Left Me Book Review

Author: Adam Silvers

Rating: 4.25/5 (would’ve been a 3.5 if it wasn’t for the ending)

EMOTIONAL. I can’t get over everything this book made me feel. After reading They Both Die At The End, I had to pick up another of Adam Silvera’s books – and I have to say they both left me in a similar state. 

Most emotional books are clearly meant to make you feel a certain way, whether it’s guilt, sadness or anything else. What I found fascinating my this books is that you never new which actions the characters made were right or wrong. The morality is hazy and there’s no fine line between the good and bad decisions the characters make. It made me angry at the characters, pity them, love them, laugh at them and despise them, all in the space of 100 pages.

The point of view was another unique aspect of this book. The narrator, a boy named Griffin, tells the story. But he tells it in a way which shows he is talking to a boy named Theo, the character who dies before the book begins. This effectively showcases his consuming guilt and grief about Theo’s death, which can be very moving and heart-breaking to read.

Action and reaction is another reoccurring theme in this novel, which I found interesting. The narrator is always wondering what his actions have led to before and throughout the story, whilst also tampering with the theme of fate.

Finally, the ending. The ending made me very very happy. The endgame relationships and friendships were so unpredictable but yet still so perfect – so well played Adam Silvera.