Doesn’t it kinda looks like his belly tattoo s…

Doesn’t it kinda looks like his belly tattoo says “Unscared”?

For the Love of an Outlaw by TS Joyce

Joyce is good at angst. She measures out just the right amount so that I am pulled into the characters and their dilemmas. Too much more and I would be rolling my eyes and scoffing. A big bad shifter dude who won’t love the heroine in order to protect her from himself? Oh man, who cares? Turns out, I do!

Ava’s brother calls in the big favors and gets her to come back to their hometown to try and save his friend Trigger’s ranch. Trigger is aptly named– he’s got a hair trigger. Except when he lets go of his temper, people die. And while he has always wanted Ava for his own, he knows better than to expose her to his dark secrets.

Trigger is a shifter who can’t control himself. He is dangerous and deadly, especially to the people he loves. Ava has been on the outside looking in her whole life. She tells herself it doesn’t matter, but she is desperate to love and be loved. Joyce explores feelings of loss, belonging, self confidence, loyalty, etc. I really enjoyed this one and found it both engrossing and emotional. 4 stars.