Dynasty: Secret Heir Book Review


Author: M.J. Prince

Rating: 4/5

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I generously received an advanced copy from the author in exchange for an honest review, and I’m so glad! The more I think about this book, the more interesting it becomes. Secret Heir follows Jazmine as she is thrown into a world of elemental magic called Eden, where Seraphs reign. Seraphs are like Gods, controlling the oceans, the winds, the earth and most importantly – day and night. However, as magical as this book is, there is a essence of teenage colloquialism similar to YA contemporary novels and I LOVED it.

A lot of this story takes place in a magical high school and I don’t think I’ve ever read a high school story so classic and yet so unique. Of course, the students have elemental powers, but besides that the characters create quite a relatable setting. Another thing so rarely seen in fantasy is representation of mental illness. The inclusion of mental illness played a large part in the story-building, especially when it came to revealing the backstories, and I really appreciate that. In addition, the fact that the main character is just in complete denial of her magical heritage is so funny because of the fact that it’s so accurate compared to most reactions from characters in similar situations. She just refused the possibility for as long as she could and, to be honest, that would be a more human reaction. All of these points make for a much more relatable story than most fantasies, and makes for a much more interesting read.

Also, PLOT TWISTS. I didn’t see the final plot twist coming from a mile away! And I was so mad that the book ended and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

However, I did have a couple of problems with this book, but all of them are more about the characters than anything else. I couldn’t stand the main love interest, he was over-possessive, stuck-up and infuriating (and not in a Jace Herondale way). This is completely a personal preference, but I feel like their relationship was quite unhealthy, or at least not what I would want in a relationship (again, this might just be me). As well as this, the narrator won’t stop telling us how attractive he is, and in the end I got a little fed up of her eyeing him so obsessively. However, I am excited to see where their relationship leads in the future.

Leading on from that, it is always said in this novel how beautiful and ethereal everyone is in Eden – and I understand that this is because they’re magical beings and all. But there was no diversity and I was a little put-out by how beautiful everyone was in the end! xD

Overall, I did really like this book. It was a very indulgent and luxurious – a fabulous read for after Christmas!