The Year in Books

I read 379 books this year. Jesus Christ. I didn’t mean to read so many books. I kinda just stopped doing other things, like watching Netflix or going outside. So, how did I read so many books? I dunno. Reading is my escape, my reward, my comfort and my solace.

Only 1 book got 1 star. I really disliked that book.

17 books were 5 star reads:

Sigh. It’s just too hard to pick one. You should read all of them.


2017 is the year I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, which helps explain how I got my grubby little hands on so many books.

I added the following categories to my goodreads shelves:

  • romance-contemporary
  • romance-holiday
  • romance-mc (motorcycle club)
  • romance-menage
  • romance-scifi

So, as you can see, I codified my love affair with MC romance. I opened my cold, frozen heart up to the wonder of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday romances. I figured out there is a lot of MFM menage romance and not enough MMF (and almost zero FFM). And also, I feel head over heels for lumberjack werebears and blue aliens living on ice planets. 

And, mostly importantly, I met my goal and reviewed (almost) every book I read– sometimes the review was just a list of titles and stars, and sometimes I wrote actual words. But still! I did it! 379 books! PHEW.