Here is what I said I would do in 2016:

Ok for real, get these 401Ks handled. 2016 is my year!
And yes, it sucks, but clean out my closets.
See a play. Go to a theater.
Read a m/m romance.
Go to the FDR memorial, finally

Here is what I actually accomplished:

  • Uh, 401Ks still a mess.
  • Not only cleaned out my closets, but my whole damn apartment! And then I moved!
  • Did not see a play. Saw a lot of movies.
  • Read a couple of m/m romances, thanks to @bookgeekgrrl‘s recommendations.
  • Never went to the FDR memorial. Never went to any memorial, actually. Did go to a museum or two tho.

So… 2 out of 5. That’s kind of lame. But I did a lot of other shit with 2016! I got a new job, moved to a whole new state, read 200+ books, and watched Stranger Things, twice. I mean, good riddance to a shit year, but at least a few things went my way.

What should I do with 2017? Hmm..

  • Go on three dates. Gotta make friends and be social in my new home.
  • Submit my lesbian romance novel to a publisher.
  • When the weather gets good, go swimming once a month!
  • Finish my tattoo
  • Read at least one book a month written by or starring a person of color

Here is what I accomplished in 2017:

  • Went on 0 dates. Had one friend date with colleagues from work. Yeah, I suck at this socializing thing. 
  • Hahaha, submitting my book would mean finishing it and instead I decided to re-write the whole thing for Nanowrimo. Now I’m reconsidering the ending. But not actually writing it.
  • I actually went to the beach! Not every month, but at least 3-4 times over the Spring and Summer!
  • Tattoo finished! No, you can’t see it!
  • I did not keep to the one book a month rule. Some months I read many books, others I read none. Altogether, this year I read about 30 books with a POC character/author, according to Goodreads.

2018 Goals:

  • Read one lesfic/wlw book a month.
  • Read 5 nonfiction books this year.
  • Go on 3 friend dates. 
  • See 6 movies in the theater or try 6 new restaurants.
  • If my novel is rejected by a publisher, start a new one!