Because You Love To Hate Me Book Review


Author: Various Authors (edited by Ameriie)

Rating: 4.25/5

I LOVED this story collection. Villainy is something that fascinates me greatly – anything from the psychology behind it to circumstances that bring it on. Really, there couldn’t be a better book for me. And, for the most part, that was true.

As much as a loved the short-stories themselves, I also loved the additions to each from the book-tubers who set the challenges. Studying literature has always interested me, and the fact that we get to pull apart the each character and storyline made me so happy. Not only this, but we also get fun and quirky articles and tit-bits on villainy including The Bad Girl’s Guide To Villainy and Keep The Darkness At Bay self help guide. However, my favourite was Jessethereader’s letter to death titled ‘Dear Death’. it honestly made me cry as I resonated with it so much.

Now, the stories themselves. My favourite was Victoria Schwab’s ‘Death Knell’. I have never read anything by Schwab before (but Monsters Of Verity is on my tbr), and I adored her writing style beyond measure! It was so poetic and whimsical and the story itself was darkly beautiful. Another one that stuck in my head was ‘Julian Breaks Every Rule’ by Andrew Smith, a story that centres around a modern, adolescent psychopath. The narration was so incredibly funny – like, laugh out loud funny! The difference in tone, story and moral in each tale is huge and it made for a very compelling read with lots of variety. Each story is also so relevant and relatable to real life, discussing important themes and bringing critical topics to the foreground.

There was only one story I wasn’t a fan of…the first one. Now, I love Renee Adhieh and The Wrath And The Dawn, but I didn’t like the concept! The story was dull and did nothing for me. 

On average, 4.25. Would highly highly recommend!