The Rosie Project Book Review

Author: Graeme Simsion

Rating: 5/5

As part of my goal to get Autism Spectrum Disorder seen in a more positive light, I’m trying to read as many books with ASD rep as possible (check out my On The Edge Of Gone review here). I’m so glad I came across The Rosie Project – it was so sweet and so quirky and exactly what I wanted. Don, the main character, is not shown as a anything like ‘disturbed’ or ‘pitiful’ which is one thing I despise about books with ASD rep. He was shown as a quirky guy with his own way of living that different, but worked for him. 

My favourite part is in the first quarter, where Don has to teach a lecture about Aspergers to kids who have it. Instead of insisting they had a ‘difficulty’ or an ‘illness’ he told them all the positives that came with it, and everything they should be proud of. As someone with ASD, I think it’s so important we let people (not only atypicals) know this! People with ASD can get seriously depressed if they are led to believe they are inferior to anyone, WE’RE NOT! And this book proves that so effectively.

Not only is this novel a fabulous representation, it’s such a funny, feel-good novel (I can imagine myself reading this in Summer). The characters are brilliant, the writing style is unique and colloquial, and the ending is beautiful and satisfying. It’s quite thought-provoking, but not to the point of being stressful. A real rom-com of a book! Loved it.