City Of Bones Book Review

Author: Cassandra Clare

Rating: 5/5

I’m taking part of emmmabooks’ year-long Shadowhunters Read-A-Long (all the info on her video here) and of course it all begins with City Of Bones. Not gonna lie, I was a little scared to re-read this book. I was never convinced that it was amazing literature but I didn’t let it bother me since the characters and plot were so fabulous. But no, it’s as good as ever! 

There are so many amazing moments that I’d forgot about in this book! The best example is the banter between the characters at the start – it reminded me of The Inner Circle from ACOMAF. It’s like looking through a photo album and being like “Aw look this is when she killed her first demon!” and “This is when they’re about to meet!”. Don’t judge me.

Apart from the nostalgia of re-reading, City Of Bones is still one of the best characterization in any book – ever. I don’t want to think what would happen if Cassie, Leigh Bardugo and Sarah J Maas teamed up… Anyway! Each character is so well rounded and individual and yet so flawed. Going back, you can see how dramatically each character develops.

If I’m being honest, The Dark Artifices definitely show more literary skill, but that won’t stop me loving The Mortal Instruments!