WOW! Action! Adventure! Kissing! This book has…

WOW! Action! Adventure! Kissing! This book has it all.

Hush by Cherry Adair

In a little hotel outside of Angel Falls, Venezuela, Acadia Gray and Zak Stark wake up from their one night stand to find themselves in the midst of a kidnapping by armed guerillas! And the bad guys also snag Zak’s twin brother, Gideon. So, Zak and Gideon decide to use their not inconsiderable skills as thrill seekers and adventurists to escape, taking Acadia with them! But they get separated and Zak is badly wounded. Now it’s up to Acadia to get her and Zak home. What a morning after, right?

This book is one long roller coaster ride. It’s tense and suspenseful, action-packed and thrilling. Adair does a great job with the Venezuelan scenery, really putting the reader right in the middle of a jungle trek with Zak and Acadia. There is witty banter between the leads, a running gag with a khaki travel vest, and the sexy times are pretty hot. Basically the book has it all, plus a kind of underdeveloped paranormal subplot that kinda comes out of nowhere and doesn’t do much for the story overall. 4 stars.