Hi friends/romancelandia, I’ve had a pretty heavy day, having to engage in lots of conversations about #metoo and aziz ansari as well as manage my own research project which is on rape. 

Just feeling like I want a fun romance to settle into but I’m done with my immediate romance tbr for the moment. I’m looking for something with princesses, no misogyny, and some humor. 

Hey Romance Peeps, help a reader out.

mmm she’s no princess but she’s sweet and caring. And they become friends before turning lovers so… I suggest Mary Balogh’s Simply Perfect

Alexa Riley wrote a series of novellas about princesses. Riley is into brooding alpha heroes, virgins (heroes and heroines!), tropes like forced proximity or May/December age differences, and so on. It’s a lot of over the top, insta-love, tongue-in-cheek fun. Also, these books veer into erotic romance so YMMV.