So far, I’ve found the Fireblood Dragon Romanc…

So far, I’ve found the Fireblood Dragon Romance series a little uneven. The first book was a real winner, and then I was somewhat disappointed in the second and third stories

Fire in His Fury (Fireblood Dragon, #4)

Sweet, dreamy, and a big-hearted romantic, Amy secretly leaves clothing outside where a dragon can sniff her out to be his mate. She’s imagining her dragon will be Prince Charming, come to rescue her from an interminable existence hidden away from the world. Instead, she gets Rast, a stone cold killer, who is immediately possessive of, and obsessed with, her. As they navigate their relationship, a distress signal from Fort Shreveport reaches them and Amy decides she is going to investigate and help the humans there.

I started the book not really liking Amy too much. I felt horrible for her circumstances, but was still turned off by her naive and childish fantasies. But Amy grew on me as she grew in the story. I think Dixon did a really good job transforming Amy into a grownup. Rast is the most fully formed Dragon in the series so far– he has most of his memories intact and is carrying quite a bit of guilt and upset over his past. I liked that the plot was not as much of a carbon copy of the other three, even though it is definitely a bridge between the first three novels and wherever Dixon takes the series next. Overall, I had fun, but I wasn’t blown away. 3 stars.