I much prefer a blue collar hero to a billiona…

I much prefer a blue collar hero to a billionaire. Something about the wish fulfillment aspect of a billionaire romance just feels flat and uninspired to me. Keep your megalomaniacal money makers, I’ll take a dude with dirt under his fingernails any day of the week. Good thing Brill Harper likes writing about them!

Plowed (Blue Collar Bad Boys, #7)

Boone just gets out prison for a crime he didn’t commit (natch) and comes home to find his farm and family falling to pieces. Then there is Madeline, the clumsy yet loveable curvy waitress just dying to be loved and accepted for who she really is. And what happens? Forced marriage! No wait, I mean, true love! And also, really sexy, sexy times. 3 stars.

Bucked: A Blue Collar Bad Boys Book

Ruby ends up at the Pair-a-dice ranch, not the Paradise ranch, like she was promised when she won an all inclusive vacation. But then she meets ranch owner and all around handsome cowboy Dusty and decides to roll the dice on paradise (see what I did there??). Dusty and Ruby have a real push-pull kind of courtship– each has a bunch of baggage to deal with before they can happily get together. The insta-love was not as instant as Harper has written in other books in the series. But the sexy times were hot and the ending was sweet. 3 stars.