The One Book Review

Author: Kiera Cass

Rating: 5/5

You know, I never know what to say about this series. I’ve read the first 3 each in less than a day, I’m always anticipating reading the following instalment, and I know I love them beyond belief. But I couldn’t, intellectually, tell you why. They’re so addictive, yet I know that it’s really not good literature! To be honest, I’ve gave up all guilt about loving The Selection long ago, so here’s all the reasons you should read them:

  1. The characters are so loveable you’ll feel like either your best friends or your children
  2. The writing is so easy to read – almost no effort required!
  3. Yet somehow, it messes with your emotions so much that I was audibly suffering
  4. Romance… romance, romance, romance
  5. Plot twists! There’s one in this book that hit me square in the chest and sent me flying
  6. Dystopia meets utopia, the complexity of the morals in this society is so deep, with half the population living in blissful naivety and the other living in painful honesty

And I could give you so many more. Basically, pick up this series – you’ll love it!