The Death Cure Book Review


Author: James Dashner

Rating: I don’t even know

I didn’t rate this book out of 5 stars because I don’t think I can form one overall opinion! I enjoyed it, I didn’t want it to end, and I think the plot was wholesome and well-thought out but at the same time I hated it, wanted to stop reading it, and despised everything that happened. I think I’m just really bitter and upset about SOMETHING (people who have read it, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN) that happened in this book, but I get how necessary it was for character and plot development as well as solidifying the reality and horrifying truth of the Flare.

This was kind of a reread for me – I read the trilogy before the first film came out but never actually *finished* The Death Cure after some-of-you-know-what happened. Now that the 3rd movie is upon us, I picked it up again with the sole purpose of completing it. I do recommend it! I would never tell someone not to read it, but make sure you don’t let your emotions control you too much.

I love the moral haziness of this trilogy. To be honest, as someone with ASD and therefore unempathic tendencies, I would probably have gone down a similar route to WICKED, but their ‘means’ were too awful to be justified by the end. I liked the way this book ends, and it left me with a sort of peaceful sadness that was needed to conclude all the horrid things these characters have been put through.

I now know the movie is going to end me.

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