More scifi romance for everybody! Warrior For…

More scifi romance for everybody!

Warrior Forever by Amber Bardan

Insta-love, barbarian space aliens, forced proximity… this book surprised me with how much I liked it. Abducted by aliens, Leila joins forces with a snarky and superior AI to escape to a desert planet populated by savage barbarians looking to mate with the first woman they see. Leila must find a way to put off her new alien husband and delay the mating ritual until she can procure the supplies she needs to make her escape. I enjoyed the sense of humor the book had and also found the plot surprisingly twisty. The dynamics between Leila and her barbarian went beyond the purely sexual and showed character growth for both the hero and heroine. 4 stars.

Syrin’s Mate by Michele Mills

It’s an alien prison break! Sara is unjustly imprisoned for life and just so happens to do her intake with Syrin, an outlaw and unstable berserker. Luckily for her, Syrin agrees to act as Sara’s protector while also plotting their break out. It’s an okay fated-love kinda book. I liked the claustrophobia of the prison setting and the presence of multiple different kinds and types of aliens, not just humanoid males. Mills handling of race is a little hamfisted and obvious. 3 stars.