Oh La La!

Oh La La!:


So!  I’ve actually got the message board working now, but it’s definitely still in its infancy!  There’s a lot to do, and I’m only one person, so updates will likely be slow to come!  That said, I thought I might leave a few notes here for everyone!

There’s a lot of room for growth, and you’ll probably notice a number of forums for specific romance genres are missing.  I have no idea, however, if it’s because I forgot, haven’t thought of it, am still getting around to it, or don’t even realize such a genre exists!  (I’m by no means an ultimate authority on all romance genres!)  So please do leave a note if you’d like to see a particular forum added, or even if you think a certain genre has been put in the wrong place!

Graphical updates are likely to continue, so don’t hesitate to mention if you’re having a hard time seeing anything!

At the end of the day, this is just a place for romance lovers to come, kick their shoes off, and relax while discussing their favorite books and authors with others!  Hopefully, we’ll make a lot of new friends, and enjoy ourselves!