The Death Cure Movie Vs. Book Review


Rating: (as a book to movie adaptation) 4/5       Check out my book review here!

             (as a movie) 4.5/5

Contrary to popular opinion, I really liked The Maze Runner trilogy, and (with the exception of The Scorch Trials) I liked the movies even more! The Death Cure was action packed and an absolute emotional rollercoaster. It’s taken a lot of time and fanfiction to get me out of the mess I was when I left the cinema – and I was a real mess. As in my T-shirt was wet with tears mess.

The characters in this series are each so fascinating, and we got to see one of the most memorable and disturbing characters from TSC in this movie, both to my satisfaction and disappointment. Another change from the books I was hesitant about was the ending, but I think I liked the way the movie left it so bittersweet. But I think the producers should have got it in their heads that no one actually gives a damn about Teresa!

There were so many plot twists in this movie too, each leaving me terrified to keep watching. I can’t explain how attached I am to these characters, and the casting is absolutely perfect, so you can see why I was so emotional!

I do recommend this movie, but definitely not to the emotionally fragile.