Monster Boyfriend Alert

Wow! I found a monster boyfriend and I liked him!

Wild Blood by Naomi Lucas

Dommik is a monster hunter and a monster himself. He’s part cyborg, a mix of human and machine, and part something else.  Katalina has been surrounded by death her whole life. At the spur of a moment, she takes a chance on living and signs on to be Dommik’s new assistant. Then they go off into space and have wicked crazy adventures and wicked crazy cyborg sex and Dommik shows his true self, which is truly monstrous and horrible and wonderful!

Ok, so Dommik is over the top dramatic. He’s broody, he’s surly, his skin is super pale and his hair is very dark and yeah, he’s basically a goth. Kat is a little bit of a wilting flower, compared to the wealth of everything that is Dommik. Sometimes, Lucas seemed to struggle a bit with Kat’s character and the overall flow of her story. It felt a little uneven at parts.

But here is what Lucas did really well: mix elements of the horrific with the romantic. This book was surprisingly suspenseful and eerily scary at points. I stayed up late reading it because I wanted, no I needed, to know what was going to happen. Dommik is truly a monster– and Lucas is willing to explore that, in detail, while building the romance between the leads. 

So if you are into scifi romance and crazy space adventures with aliens and weird space stuff and want to be scared while also falling in love, Naomi Lucas is for you. She’s totally for me. 4 stars.