Hey, Romancelandia, I need your help.

A guy I know just got dumped and is pretty upset about it. His friends have recommended porn. He says he’s not interested in that, he wants something sweet: cuddling, holding hands, etc.

He wants romance, I’m thinking.

Can you recommend some good beginner-friendly contemporary romances I can suggest to him? I’m thinking probably sports romances or average-joes rather than billionaires. Faith in humanity and love and HEA restorers, basically.  

I recommend Jennifer Crusie. Her stuff is zany rom-com-esque, sweet, heartwarming, etc. featuring average people falling in love and getting along with each other. My favs are Faking It and Getting Rid of Bradley, but a lot of people really love Bet Me or Welcome to Temptation, too. 

You really can’t go wrong with Jennifer Crusie.