Day 7 Book Review

Author: Kerry Drewery

Rating: 3/5

*For synopsis and thoughts on the first book of the series check out my Cell 7 review here!*

Well, it was better than the first one. I always finish series and I wasn’t going to let the Cell 7 trilogy beat me – and to be honest I’m quite glad it didn’t. I liked the path that this book took the series in and I’m actually looking forward to reading the next one.

It certainly wasn’t perfect. The world is still a little shallow and 1-dimensional, the narration is still a little frustrating and the writing style is still a little… odd. Yeah, the writing still confuses me. It could be quite good if the script-like chapters were simply described instead of given in too-long stage directions and interrupted speech. But, it is. So it’ll have to do.

However, we have character development! Thank God. I loved watching the characters grow together – and apart – throughout the story as they all faced their own problems and fears. I both liked and disliked how broken the main character seemed. It definitely made her more real, but we spend a lot of time with her just breaking down so I’m not sure.

In conclusion, I think I’ll stick with it. But if you haven’t started it, this instalment isn’t quite enough reward for dragging yourself through the first one.