Hey now!

I found a couple of MC romance novels worth talking about! 


I decided this year to only review books I really like or otherwise have something to say about. Which means a lot of Motorcycle Club romance is not getting mentioned. Yer welcome. 

The Down and Dirty Series by Jeanne St. James

These are interesting books because the whole concept of MC culture is challenged by the heroines. The words “archaic masculinity” are thrown around. Do the heroines eventually roll over and accept their men for the alphaholes they are? Yeah, duh, of course. But it was fun watching the limits and boundaries of MC life get pushed around a bit. 3 stars for each book.

Overhaul by Amber Burns

Lot’s of biker romance novels feature vets. This is one of the only I have read that has a physically disabled vet who has to deal with erectile dysfunction due to his disability. You read that right! A romance novel hero who can’t get it up! Plus, the hero isn’t one of those crazy ass biker alphahole typical to the genre– he has the “let’s be boyfriend/girlfriend” convo with the heroine practically upon meeting her. Overall, the book is more sweet and sedate than other MC books I have read. 3 stars.

Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

This is a pretty MC lite biker book (diet MC?). Sure, Dex is a biker and there is a subplot featuring a rival MC, but really this is a slow burn romance between snarly, grumpy Dex and sensitive-but-tough Iris. Biker culture is just window dressing. And wow, Zapata is really a master of slow burns. I usually give up on books that dole out physical affection bit by bit but Zapata kept the tension going so that I was compelled to turn the page and get to the kissing parts! Did I think Iris was a bit of a grudge-holder and maybe a little too sensitive about Dex’s temper? Sure. But overall, I really enjoyed the book. 4 stars.