Tower Of Dawn Book Review

Author: Sarah J. Maas

Rating: 4.5/5

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If you had told me when I first started this series, “Hey, Beth! SJM is writing a 650 page book just about Chaol!”, I would have groaned and written it off. I hated Chaol with a passion, and so you can understand my hesitance around Tower Of Dawn even without knowing that I’m really not a die-hard ToG fan. HOWEVER, I adored this book so so so SO much! As in, it’s only my second to The Assassin’s Blade in this series. It was awesome.

Let get to the soppy bit first, shall we? So, I couldn’t walk for a couple of years due to a chronic ill health condition I have. It took me 9 months in bed and then 15 months of walking with a crutch to get me out of it – and here we have such a similar situation with Chaol. What makes it so emotional for me was that he used to feel so in control and courageous in the first couple of books, but in Tower Of Dawn he’s so vulnerable in himself. It’s so bloody relatable and, for anyone who doesn’t know whether to trust the disabled rep – it’s incredibly accurate. 

Right, now that that’s over with I wanna talk about the characters. As usual with SJM, I fell in love with each and every one! I love how they compliment and contrast each other, and seeing their relationships evolve was utterly stunning. 

Furthermore, I adored the southern continent! So much exploration of culture, which is fascinating especially in a fantasy novel. This world is so much bigger than I ever could have imagined, and I don’t want it to end.

The one teeny tiny issue I had was the weird description of Chaol’s healing process. That might just be me and ASD and not being able to visualise stuff that well, but it was a little too metaphorical for me.

Still, highly highly recommend to anyone – even those who, like me, hated Chaol beyond measure. You will learn to love him, I promise!