Yaaasssss, bisexual biker alert! And the word …

Yaaasssss, bisexual biker alert! And the word “bisexual” is actually used in the text! Woo! Queer representation!

Ride Dirty by Laura Kaye

Caine is damaged by his past. While out one night, he rescues Emma from being mugged by a man in a mask. They immediately hit it off– something is there between them, it’s immediate and intense, in that great way of romance novels– but Caine holds back because he can’t see himself in a relationship with a nice, normal girl like Emma. Caine also can’t stay away and it turns out that Emma is in greater danger than either of them realized.

You might be thinking my enthusiasm about Caine’s sexuality is a spoiler– it is not. Kaye is upfront about who Caine is from the very first page. He’s allowed to be totally himself, a bisexual man with a troubled past that bleeds into his present. He’s damaged and hurting. He’s also protective and fiercely loyal. So, it  is wonderful to watch those walls come down with Emma. For Caine to find acceptance and love on a level beyond what his brothers in the MC can give him. 

Honestly, my only problem with this book is the length. It really should have been a novel. For the trauma Caine has survived, the shorter length of this novella doesn’t quite do him justice. And a longer book would have given a little more space to Emma, to allow for a greater depth of character. 4 stars.