It was the best of bisexual biker menage romance novels, it was the worst of bisexual biker menage romance novels…

Honey for Nothing by Cathryn Cade

I experienced a lot of highs and lows reading this book.

It’s a menage motorcycle club romance novel (rare)! With non-white lead characters! Characters that openly identify as bisexual and polyamorous! With little to no homophobia from other characters (wow, so rare!). 

One of the three leads is an American Indian character that identifies as bisexual and gets a happily ever after with his queer biker boyfriend and girlfriend in a menage relationship that is explicitly described as polyamorous. Yeah, it’s not perfect– he has some angst about his sexuality, and even refers to himself as “perverted” in other people’s eyes. Bummer. But that’s not what detracts from the novel. 

Unfortunately, Cade engages in some pretty obvious exoticism of the character’s indigenous heritage. His cultural and racial background is fawned over in very broad, stereotypical strokes that emphasize his otherness. There’s a sorta woo woo new age appropriation of indigenous cultural and religious beliefs. It’s really disappointing.

So, even though I liked some aspects of the book, I have to give it 1 star.