(WP) Mlle_ Response, Part Two


“Stay close to me,” The knight murmured, holding the chain close to him; the blackness was so utterly complete that even if he held a hand in front of his face, he wouldn’t be able to tell where it was. As a survivor of war, he’d long ago learned how to hide his fear, how to stifle it and stuff it down into a box to be examined later. He tried to stay calm, though he could feel his heart racing in his chest, the beat of it roaring in his ears. He could feel the girl fidgeting, her breathing so ragged and heavy that he could barely think.

“Will you hush?” He snapped, his eyes still dazzled by the golden light that had so suddenly gone out. “You’re whimpering like a kicked dog,” The girl, who was shivering violently, clenched her jaw to still her teeth chattering. “S-Sorry, Master.” “Didn’t I just tell you to quiet down?” She didn’t respond; her eyes weren’t even close to adjusting to the all-consuming blackness.

The song stopped, and there was a soft glimmer of golden light; there was a hazy figure standing by the window, and a tiny candle flame illuminated a young woman’s face. In the darkness, she appeared to the girl as an avenging angel, with a face so sharp and angular it seemed to be carved from glass. Her eyes were wide and dark blue, almost navy, making the girl think of the night sky, not yet speckled with bright stars. Her hair, in direct contrast, was thick, lush, and red, bringing to mind a fox tail; in the barely there light, the girl could just make out tiny streaks of white. She looked indeed like a princess, and the girl made to kneel, but her master stopped her so quickly she nearly choked again.

“Lowly filth such as you need kneel when addressing royalty! Have I taught you nothing, child?” The knight growled. During this exchange, the princess walked around the room, and as she did so, the room slowly began to light up in a rainbow of colors; by some kind of enchantment, the flames were multicolored. “I’m sorry, Master.” The room slowly came into view; being a tower room, it was circular, and so tall that the girl could not even fathom it fully. The knight’s attention, however, was on the princess, his eyes never leaving her for a moment. There was a bright light in his eyes that the girl had never seen before; something about it made her unsettled, frightened, and she clenched her teeth once again, not wanting to give him an excuse to belittle her again.

“Actually,” The girl said, a distant, amused grin playing at the corners of her mouth. “I’m not royalty.”

The four words were as stones dropping into a still pond; for a moment, there was only silence. The chained up girl stared at the other, her eyes blank with shock. “What? B-But that’s not possible. We came all this way–” “I would greatly appreciate it if this were explained, and if my ward would attempt to stop speaking out of turn,” The knight interrupted, glaring at his reluctant comrade. The girl clamped her jaws closed, though she wanted to scream at this man; she was bubbling over with questions, each of them scrambling for her attention under the thick layer of shock.

“If you’re not the lost princess, who, exactly, are you? Where is the princess? The real one, the monarchy is offering a fool’s ransom for her return. I can’t return to them empty-handed!” The knight’s panic was evident; his skin had drained of color, and his hands were shaking violently. The girl glanced at him, but her eyes were irresistibly drawn back to the girl, who was watching them, her head tilted to the side, eyes mere slits now. Her brow knit, and the girl could tell that this false princess, all sharp, glittering beauty, was trying to read them, why they were here. Despite herself, she could not pull her eyes away from this enticing creature’s face.

“I demand an answer from you, you impostor!” The knight roared, the color returning to his face; by now, he was full of wrath like the girl had never before seen. “What have you done with the princess I’m supposed to save?” His voice reached the top of the room, bouncing off of the cavernous ceiling and walls, creating a vicious chorus of her master, and the girl flinched, wishing that she could reach up and cover her ears. Still, the other woman said nothing, but a smile spread across her face, unnerving and sinister. The girl couldn’t bring herself to look away, though; she’d never seen someone like her before.

“You want an answer, old man? Very well.” She said, and with her words, the candles went out.

“What is the meaning of this?!” The knight growled, stepping toward the girl, dragging his slave along with him; so quick was his motion that the poor child nearly lost her balance. “Who are you?”

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