The Testing Book Review


Author: Joelle Charbonneau

Rating: 4/5

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I gotta say, I’m divided on this one. I adored the plot and loved the world, I could tolerate the characters, but the writing was just basic in my opinion. Howevever, that wasn’t enough to stop me enjoying this novel.

We’ve seen many a YA dystopia: young adult girl who’s not traditionally beautiful but still pretty goes on with her oblivious life until one day [insert event here] happens and she realises she must rebel against the corrupt society she lives in. Not gonna lie, this isn’t much different. BUT, when reading it I found that I didn’t actually care? It was entertaining! I was never bored, and I enjoyed the progression and character arcs. And whilst the setting was mysterious, I thought it was definitely dystopian, but it was also quite relatable and relevant. 

The characters were not bad. I didn’t fall in love with them as much as those from a lot of series, but they’re certainly weren’t unlikeable. I did enjoy the developments each character went through, and how they each dealt with the loss of innocence that faced them all. Some threw it away willingly and relished the freedom, whilst others avoided immoral acts at all costs, shocked when they realised were the only ones who did. The theme of morals and values was prominent, along with “do the ends justify the means?”, both of which are fascinating, psychologically, to explore.

However, the writing was pretty basic. It wasn’t badly written, it just didn’t do much for me. There was a line that literally said, “And then the world exploded”, which is a little ridiculous even for YA. I understand that not all writing styles are jaw-droppingly clever, I just prefer more adventurous styles.

Overall, worth the read. Definitely one for if you don’t want to focus too hard but still want a compelling story.