What a fun, gorgeous, sexy little book!From Sc…

What a fun, gorgeous, sexy little book!

From Scratch by Katrina Jackson

This is a book about finding your happiness, whether that’s in a new career or a threeway with the Sheriff and the Fire Chief. You do you.

From the book description:

Mary Woods, stinging from her life as a failed academic, takes the opportunity by the reins and resettles in Sea Port to try her hand as a small town baker. A few days before the opening of her shop, Confections by Mary, she runs into small town cop, Miguel Santos, and small town fire chief, Billy Knox and there’s a whole lot of chemistry to go around.

What I loved was that this gem of a book was so open and welcoming. Characters blossomed – into their new professions, into small town life, and into their queerness. And they accepted each other and themselves! There was a little angst, but mostly it was about the discovery of their shared passion and romance. It’s all fun and good and just made me happy.  Ok, so the ending was a bit– maybe a little– just a smidge– sappy and overly optimistic about acceptance of queer lifestyles in small southern towns, but by that point I didn’t care. I got the best of happy endings and I enjoyed it.