Recs List: Novella-length F/F SF&F



Lately I’ve found myself with a real craving for F/F romance in fantasy and sci-fi settings that I can devour in one go, and I couldn’t find a handy list anywhere, so I decided to make one myself. (If anyone knows of another such list I’d love to see it, though!) Thank you to everyone who suggested things on Twitter!

These are all ones that I have read myself, but if you know of any I’ve missed off, don’t hesitate to add them and I’ll reblog. I’ll probably also add new entries to this list periodically, so if you get through them all and want more, check back!

A couple of these are technically novelettes, and one or two of them are getting towards novel length, but all of them are longer than a super-quick short story and shorter than a full-length novel, and available to buy as ebooks on their own rather than as part of an anthology.

(If you’d like content notes for any of these, they’ll all eventually get full reviews, but feel free to send me a message or an ask if you have questions about the ones without reviews posted yet.)

Beauty, Glory, Thrift, by Alison Tam – This smart and evocative space adventure is almost impossible to explain – you just have to read it – but it involves an unusual relationship between a goddess and a thief.

Cinnamon Blade: Knife in Shining Armor, by Shira Glassman – In this witty and steamy story, crime fighter Cinnamon Blade just wants to get through a whole date with cute, nerdy Soledad without having to save the city from aliens or vampires.

The Cybernetic Tea Shop, by Meredith Katz – This is a warm and atmospheric tale of a romance between a sentient robot stuck in the past and a human technician afraid to put down roots.

The Disastrous Début of Agatha Tremain, by Stephanie Burgis – My review notes when I reread this recently were just “KISS GIRLS SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!!!” and if that’s your jam you’ll love this kickass, uplifting 19th-century fantasy.

Dynama, by Ruth Diaz – A sweet and hot superhero story following undercover metahuman TJ as she tries to juggle kids, work, saving the day, and her evil ex escaping from supervillain prison, with the help of her incredibly competent nanny Annmarie.

The Flamebringers, by Charley Clarke – A lush and romantic high fantasy story with awesome dragons – Astraea, the leader of her people, finds herself drawn to Mal, an outcast refugee.

Gale, by Lyssa Chiavari – This atmospheric and creepy dystopian retelling of The Tempest features the beginnings of a sweet romance between Miranda and Ferda, a girl she meets in her dreams who tells her stories of another world.

Girl Reporter, by Tansy Rayner Roberts – A funny, smart and thoughtful story of superhero journalism, family, adventure, and cute, bantersome romance.

Gretel: A Fairytale Retold, by Niamh Murphy – An intriguing and romantic twist on a familiar tale, with Gretel stepping out from her brother’s shadow when she falls for a mysterious woman in the woods.

Humanity for Beginners, by Faith Mudge – Gloria may have accidentally started a halfway house for lesbian werewolves but it is DEFINITELY not a pack and she is DEFINITELY not the Alpha. Totally charming with lovable characters and a gorgeous romance.

The Masked Minotaur, by Chace Verity – A super-cute fantasy romance that features a candy shop, a marriage of convenience and a masked vigilante. Plus, in a stroke of sheer genius, the ebook comes with two versions – one with a sex scene and one without, so you can choose your preferred flavour!

Moon-Bright Tides, by RoAnna Sylver – An absorbing and lovely story of the relationship between a lost mermaid and a lonely sea witch struggling under the weight of a duty that she bears alone.

Passing Strange, by Ellen Klages – A beautiful, immersive tale of magic, love, art and queer community in 1940s San Francisco.

Romancing the Inventor, by Gail Carriger – A hot and sweet slow-burn romance in a steampunk vampires-and-werewolves setting, featuring a butch inventor and a maid with a secret talent for mathematics.

Safety Protocols for Human Holidays, by Angel Martinez – This fun and satisfying story explores cultural misunderstandings and communication on a multi-species space vessel – can Growlan Raskli figure out what’s bothering Human Jen?

Seven: A Lesbian Snow White, by Jennifer Diemer – A creepy and lovely fairytale retelling in a richly imagined world.

Sparks Fly, by Llinos Cathryn Thomas – OK, maybe this is cheating because I wrote this one, but consider checking it out if you want to read a quick rivals-to-lovers romance between two teachers at a performing arts school on a space station.

The Terracotta Bride, by Zen Cho – A witty and bittersweet tale of first love and self-discovery in the Chinese afterlife.

Waiting on a Bright Moon, by J.Y. Yang – A tense and absorbing story in an intriguing dystopian setting, with a whirlwind romance at its heart.

I love being on this list!! And I can personally recommend Moon-Bright Tides, Terra-Cotta Bride, Cybernetic Tea Shop, and Sparks Fly a lot 💙✨