Find out what author you write like

Find out what author you write like:








Paste a section of your wip and find out what author your writing style matches up with!

Comment who you’re matched up with!

I got Bram Stoker 3 times 🧛🏽‍♀️

@silverscreenwriter GIRL this was totally made for you! (I took it and got Charles Dickens haha)

@afairytaledream I love Charles Dickens omg, A Tale of Two Cities is one of my favorite books. You’re gonna laugh xD I got James Joyce (HURRAY)!! Well, the first time I tried it, I got Neil Gaiman but I have never read his books, so I tried a few other passages from my WIP and got James Joyce every time! Which is hilarious given where I work now, I’ll have to tell everyone that xD 

I gotta tag some writer peeps, I loved this so much! @chrystalcaper@valerista , @tawnywrites@paige-in-a-story@ravenpuffwriter , @spacebrick3

I got Stephen King! Oh my god! I didn’t even expect it at all. Maybe I should do another test. Haha!

@lifeis–write @whollyart @candy-m-s @writer-unfortunately @dantedevereaux @paladin-andric

I got Ian Fleming. : 0 I’ve never once read anything by him… @thewetbones @minny-moon

I got one of my favorite authors of all time–Margaret Atwood! I knew reading her books would rub off on me.

Stephen King and Anne Rice! (I did it twice, for two different pieces of writing.) I’m not mad at it, at all!