The Hunt for Contemporaries


Hey everyone! This time it’s me who needs your book recommendations. 

I want to read more contemporaries (romantic suspense is good too!) but I’m having an issue. I can’t stand most of the hero trends in contemporary. I’m not trying to yuck someone’s yum but I just can’t anymore.

I don’t want:

  • cop heroes (they give me the wiggins these days) 
  • soldier heroes (military romances always have too heavyhanded a thread of “American Patriotism” and, frankly, these days AmPat makes me want to yack)

But OMG they’re EVERYWHERE in contemporary romance. 

I mean EMTs? Fine. Search and Rescue? Bring it on! Firefighters? Turn up the heat! But  until the politics change you can keep your military and law enforcement heroes faaaaaaaaar far (really far) away from me. 

I’m also not really keen on: 

  • Cowboys (see me notes re: AmPat) – Though will make exceptions to this if you can recommend me a cowboy whose worldview won’t make me grind my teeth.
  • Motorcycle Gang heroes (yes we’ve all seen SOA – I personally didn’t care for it).

Those of you who have read Tiffany Reisz’s Holiday trilogy know exactly what I’m looking for: stable, logical, protective but not overly macho heroes. 

So hit me up with 

  • Your artist heroes! 
  • Your favorite dog shelter owner heroes (I don’t freaking know). 
  • How about some beer brewing heroes? I’ve got Victoria Dahl’s series on my list. 
  • I’ll even take your tattoo artist hero recs so long as the books aren’t “gritty” and full of excessive amounts of angst. (Moderate angst is acceptable.) 
  • How about your lone biker heroes who aren’t part of the misogynistic criminal element? 
  • Handyman hero? You bet!
  • Head of  company but not a freaking billionaire? Lay it on me!
  • Send me ALLLLLLL your nerdy heroes and heroines. Nerd me up.

Just help me (Obi-wan, you’re my only hope) find some contemporary romance novels where I can find some heroes who give good hugs, and make their awesome, capable heroines feel safe, cherished, and loved. I want to read about wonderful, warm, loving, tender, compassionate men. 

Because I certainly don’t see any when I look out the window. 


If you wanted to dip your toes into MC romance but not get swept away by alphahole jerky mcjerkersons, I recommend:

  • Laura Kaye’s Raven Riders series. These are good guy bikers, out to protect the innocent while ridin’ bikes and livin’ free.
  • Mariana Zapata’s Under Locke. He’s a tattoo artist and a biker and he’s grumpy. He says/does some mean things in the beginning.
  • Kati Wilde’s Craving it All. A big beast of a man falls for a chef with a secret.