The Haunting of Netflix House VI: Netflix Live…


What up, haints, it’s October times. Let’s get Halloweird with it. Here are some movies of the horror and horror-adjacent genres that you might watch by yourself or with a party of friends or with a 20 foot tall whistling ghost who grinds the bones of womanizers into dust inside his sack. This is part six; if you know the drill, welcome; if you’re new to the circle, always say goodbye before you leave the talking board.

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A couple of notes for those who are new to the list:

  • This is being posted on October 1, 2018. For humans of the future who find this, the links may not all be up to date. Some might even expire by November 2018. Click at your own risk.
  • I try to offer both breadth and depth of options on this list, but it is by no means exhaustive. I’m sorry if a favorite of yours got left off. There’s a chance I just haven’t seen it yet. Feel free to reblog and add some of your favorites, but please make sure a movie is actually currently available on Netflix before jumping my shit about some nonsense I “forgot,” please and thank you.
  • This list is based upon movies that are available on Netflix in the US. I have no idea what is streaming on Canadian Netflix or British Netflix or Slovenian Netflix. How would I know this. Why would I know this. Please do not expect me to know this. Feel free to be the Canadian/British/Slovenian Benito and make your own list applicable to your own countryhumans.
  • Horror movies, by their nature, have horrific things in them. Most of these movies are violent; lots of them deal with torture, abuse, and mental illness. If some element of this jumps out to me while I’m writing these up, I’ll mention them, but if you are sensitive to or have issues with certain types of content, you might look an individual movie up on Common Sense Media first to check for content warnings.
  • While there are always good horror movies to be found on Netflix, if you really like scary movies, you should just get a Shudder subscription (or even just the free trial!). It has an unbeatable, well-curated selection.

All right let’s get to the goddamn movies what say

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