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Friends! Countrywoman! Do not hesitate to pick up this delightful holiday story!

The Best Worst Holiday Party by Olivia Waite

Isobel thinks she was invited to swanky party where she could hobnob and network with the kind of clientele she needed for her new career as a sommelier.  Except when she arrives, in her beautiful dress and high heels, she quickly finds out she is meant to be the help– serving wine to the guests!

Oliver finds himself ostracized from his fellow coworkers and bosses because he used his the forensic accountant skills they hired him for to bring down one of the higher ups in the agency. He’s lonely, questioning his life choices.

These two somewhat lost souls come together and the sparks! They immediately fly! And even better, they are able to help each other achieve their goals– Oliver introduces Isobel to an important woman who could advance her career, Isobel gives Oliver a way to express his art. And then there is smooching! It’s all so fun and happy. The perfect little bite of holiday goodness. 4 stars.

That opener gave me flashes from Working Girl with Melanie Griffith serving dim sum at Sigourney Weaver’s corporate reception. Not a bad association, yet I like how the story diverges. I’ve been meaning to try out Waite for ages – she always seemed a very aware writer – and at 26 pages this story is indeed bite-size enough for me to be able to handle reading it on a screen. Is the theme Chanukah, Christmas, or simply general winter festivities? In any case, added to my TBR

I believe it’s a winter/Christmas party, but it’s not in your face with the Xmas season festivities. It’s an office party, so it’s not religious or anything. I hope you enjoy it!