Okay here’s my pledge:


I hereby pledge to bring this blog back to it’s 50-new-followers-a-day glory! I have missed discovering new ways to talk to new people, sharing content that makes people comment ‘true’ or ‘IM CRYING’ or ‘love this’, and I miss the feeling of connecting to other people like me. I mean the book nerds, the aspies, the introverts, the fangirls/boys and everyone in between! So, I want to keep going. Tumblr brings me joy and since I’ve slowed down both on this blog and in my mental state, I want to use this mission to give me purpose.

I love every single one of the 12,500 of my followers and I hope you enjoy whatever new stuff I have in store! Love, Beth xx

A similar message for my reviews blog – I’m back bitches and I have a ton of opinions lined up to share!! Love, Beth xx