here’s some wlw books –


Im SICK of u bitches whining about wlw books “not existing” when they do !!!!!  and u just haven’t looked !!!!  so I’m taking one for the team and making a list of some I liked u can check out. as always there is more so do ur research but @lgbtqreads is a good place to start! ok lets goo


  • girls of paper and fire by natasha ngan – lesbian mc and f/f relationship. Asian inspired fntasy about a girl who gets kidnapped and becomes one of the kings concubines aka a paper girl. tw for sexual assault / rape, death of an animal, sex slavery, war themes and violence
  •  girls made of snow and glass by melissa bashardoust – frozen / snow queen retelling focussing on the relationship between step mother and step daughter. Has villain girls and morally grey stuff, also, an f/f relationship with the main girl!
  • the abyss surrounds us by emily skrutskie – QUEER !! MORALLY GREY !! ENEMIES TO LOVERS !! PIRATE GIRLS !!!!!!! yes this is an f/f pirate story that is enemies to lovers and features sea monster pets get around it. 
  • labyrinth lost by zoraida cordova – on her death day a bruja called Alex accidentally casts a spell that makes her entire family vanish. Now with the help of a boy called Nova she has to go to Los Lagos to find them. Alex is bi and there is an f/f relationship. 
  • A lake of feathers and moonbeams by dax murray – queer swan lake retelling set in a fantasy world on the brink of war. Has a polyam ship that is f/f/nb !
  • reign of the fallen by sarah glenn marsh queer ! necromancers !!! basically a world where it’s necromancers jobs to constantly bring the king back to life. But now someone is purposely trying to stop the resurrections? Mc Odessa is bi and there’s an f/f relationship. 
  • of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst – a princess betrothed to the prince of another country ends up falling for his sister instead. Follows their romance and also a brewing war between their two countries. 
  • unicorn tracks by julia ember – fantasy world where a girl called Mnemba works at a wildlife park housing fantastical creatures like unicorns. When poachers start stealing unicorns, Mnemba and Kara, a researcher from overseas, go to track them down. f/f relationship. 

science fiction

  • the apocalyse of elena mendoza by shaun david hutchinson – about a bi girl called Elena who gains the ability to heal people but everytime she does a random person from somewhere in the world dies. A bit weird and quirky (if you’ve read anything by SDH you know what I mean) main girl is pursuing another girl but no more info bc spoilers !
  • otherbound by corinne duyvis – Everytime Nolan blinks he becomes privy to the life of Amara, a girl who lives in a fantasy kingdom. Nolan thinks he is imagining things but Amara is real, and bund to protect the princess in her kingdom without knowing her every move is being watched. This is kind of mind bending and weird, but there is an f/f relationship! 
  • dreadnought by april daniels – a trans girl called Danny witnesses the death of the superhero Dreadnought, and as a result inherits his powers. Now with a new body that looks like she always wishes it had, she must track down the villain who killed Dreadnought, before the villain tracks down her. Has an f/f flirtation but it continues into the next book bc SLOW BURN. 


  • you know me well by nina lacour and david levithan – pov switches between lesbian and gay mcs. Follows the two main characters over one pride week when they learn they’re both queer one night out. this is short and sweet. f/f and m/m relationships. 
  • queens of geek by jen wilde – follows three friends from Australia who get to attend comic con because Charlie (the mc) is a popular vlogger. Charlie is Chinese-Australian and bisexual and has a crush on a fellow bi vlogger called Alyssa! This is SO cute and fun with some of my personal fav bi rep
  • under the lights by dahlia adler – set in Hollywood, follows a tv star called Vanessa who finds herself with a crush on another girl and unsure what to do next. The other MC is a hollywood star who has been a typical Bad Boy but is trying to reform. Has an f/f relationship and an m/f platonic relationship. 
  • radio silence by alice oseman – about a called called Frances who is obsessed with this podcast called Universe City and randomly meets its creator leading to them becoming best friends. Frances is bi!
  • fearless by shira glassman – short story about two mums who meet at their kids music recital and are attracted to eachother. This was so short and cute
  • the nelody of you and me by m. hollis – two girls who work at a bookstore together start to develop feelings. I think the MCs are lesbian and pan from memory. This is so sweet and fluffy too. 

historical fiction

  • the seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid – about a movie star called Evelyn Hugo who was big in the 50/60s but is now retired. She hasn’t done an interview in decades but all of a sudden requests Monique, an inexperienced journalist, write a tell all about her life. Follows Evelyn’s story & why she has seven husbands, but also features the most beautiful epic f/f love story ever. Evelyn is Cuban and bi. Not as hetero as the title suggests !!!


  • far from you by tess sharpe – everyone told Sophie her best friend and secret girlfriend Mina died at a drug deal gone wrong, but Sophie’s sure she was murdered. Now that Sophie is out of rehab, she’s determined to expose the truth behind Mina’s death once and for all. ‘

Some more I haven’t read but Reviewers I Trust liked

  • Everything Leads To You & We Are Okay by Nina LaCour 
  • Style by Chelsea M. Cameron (and all CMC’s work)
  • Soft on Soft by Em Ali
  • Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant 
  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth
  • How to Make a Wish by Ashley Herring Blake
  • Not Your Sidekick by C.B Lee
  • Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
  • The Colour Purple by Alice Walker
  • Wild Beauty by Anna-Marie McLemore
  • Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden
  • Ash by Malinda Lo
  • A&B by J.C Lillis

and those are just SOME I have read and liked and only a tiny tiny portion of what is out there. Yeah it can def be harder to find f/f books in your typical library than like an hetero m/f one but they are Out There !!!!!!! If you want more recs you can follow me on twitter or goodreads or my book blog if u would like. thank u, next !