Can you recommend any books that are essential…

Can you recommend any books that are essentially wlw rom-coms/ hallmark movies? I’m dying for a version of the city girl is stuck in a small town, instantly gets on the wrong side of the hot mechanic, they snark, they start to bond over something, is this a date? Oh no a secret or misunderstanding drove them apart, wise local clears it up, tearful reunion and love confessions trope.

I wish I could recommend something that exactly matches your description! It sounds excellent. Bad news: I don’t know an exact match, and I haven’t read a ton of rom-coms myself. Good news: there are lots of f/f rom-coms out there, and I can point you towards people who have read a lot more of them! I’ll start with my recommendations, which are just light reads with a central romance, though they might not exactly fit the Hallmark movie part:


My go-to light and happy wlw books, which also have a romance, tend to be comics, especially all-ages comics. That’s not exactly what you asked for, but I couldn’t help listing them just in case:


On to recommendations from people who read more f/f romances that I do:

Royally Yours by Everly James: Whitney at the Lesbrary recommends this “secret royalty” book for fans of Hallmark movie A Royal Christmas.

@shiraglassman recommends Carolyn for Christmas by Lucy Carey as an “enemies to lovers lesbian romcom about former friends competing over the choir solo in the Christmas concert

@noneedtosparkle recommends Poppy Jenkins by Clare Ashton!

Dahlia Adler’s (@lgbtqreads) recommendations of f/f YA rom-coms:


This list of wlw feel-good, fluffy, or rom-com books, including more recommendations from Shira Glassman.

The Lesbian Review is a great resource for f/f romances, because they tag absolutely everything. Here are a few tropes you might be interested in: Sweet Romance, Small Town, Enemies to Lovers

LGBTQ Reads has a page for settings, and here are two you might find appealing: Bakery (Sugar by Karin Kallmaker) and Coffee Shop (The Violet Hill series by Chelsea M. Cameron).

Also check out LGBTQ Reads tropes page, especially “Enemies to Lovers.”

Lesbian Book Bingo has a page of recommendations of lesbian romcoms, as well as the most read books in that category.

I hope that helps!

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