(WP) Good vs. Evil at the Dinner Table

(WP) Good vs. Evil at the Dinner Table

I need to talk to you. It’s important.”

               The old
man was jolted out of his research, and it took a few moments for his mind to
clear of numbers, equations, and formulas.

His eldest daughter, an android
that had become slowly more conscious over the years, stood in the doorway,
waiting for his assent. If she’d still been a child, she would’ve rushed in and
begged for his attention.

“Please, come in,” He murmured,
gesturing to a chair that was opposite his desk.

She walked inside at his words, and
gracefully lowered herself onto the straight-backed wood chair.

“What is on your mind, darling?” He
asked, studying her.

If he did say so himself, he’d done
a fine job on all of his children, but his eldest, Andromeda, was his favorite,
his best. She had been so well-made that it was near impossible to tell that
she wasn’t a natural human.

Andromeda fidgeted, twisting a lock
of red hair around her finger, wiggling in her seat.

A seed of foreboding took root in
the old man’s chest, but he ignored it.

“Annie,” He murmured, using his
childhood nickname for her. “What’s going on? You’re scaring me.”

“I’ve been seeing someone, Daddy,”
She blurted at last, and her cheeks flooded with a becoming pink blush.

“You’ve been seeing someone?” He
asked, staring at her as though she were someone completely new. “For how long?”
And why are you just telling me now,
he thought to himself.

“Six months or so?” She said,
seeming to shrink; clearly, she was waiting for an explosion.

“You do know that I need to meet
him. You’re sixteen, but you aren’t an adult. I just worry about you.”

“We could have him come over for
dinner on Friday night?” Andromeda suggested, a relieved smile tugging at the
corners of her full mouth. “Please, Daddy, he cares about me.”

The scientist nodded, distracted by
his own thoughts.

No one knew it, not even his other
children, but he planned on making Annie the heir to his villainous empire. She
was the eldest, the crown jewel of all of his creations; she was the most

That wasn’t to say, of course, that
he didn’t love his children equally, or he wasn’t proud of his brood, made living
by his own hands, breath, tears and blood.

But as the eldest, he wanted her to
take up the helm and further his purpose.

“Daddy? Please,” She said, leaning
forward and touching his hand; the warmth of her jolted him back to reality.

“Of course, Annie,” He said, and
she walked around to his side of the desk, hugging him tightly. She kissed his
temple and left, humming a tune.


Andromeda had insisted on calling
off work so she had all day to cook for her paramour.

She woke up and went to the grocery
store, leaving the house before her father was awake.

As she browsed the shelves, itching
for something different to try, she worried about her father, and her siblings.

They were villains, and were more
than happy to provide a foil to the ‘sickening sweetness that plagued
superheroes today’, as their father was so fond of saying.

She picked up onions, beef broth, a
fresh, warm baguette, greens and dressing for a salad, and some pears to poach
in wine for dessert.

Annie was consumed with the food,
but there was a nagging thought in the back of her mind.

What would her father do when he
realized that her new beau was one of the world’s most popular superheroes?