(WP) Silver and Gold

(WP) Silver and Gold

               Korrin was covered in soot and grime; the dust from the coal covered his body like a second skin. He felt, he thought ruefully, like a tunneling mole, his mouth twisting in distaste at the thought.

               He thought longingly of the sun on his skin, of the cool relief of the river.

               But his work was not done, even while his arms screamed for relief, the dull clanging of his pick the only sound under than the low voices of the other miners.

               It was unbelievably ironic that he had found work here, in the darkness of the mines.

               Being a Fae, he preferred to be above ground, where he could feel the grass under his feet, the sun warming his skin. At home, in Faerie, he could’ve easily indulged in those whims. But that had been before his powers had manifested.

               The King and Queen of the Dark Court had forced him into work in the mines; a powerful Fae with the ability to detect, forge gemstones, and imbue them with power.

               Apparently, he thought bitterly, he was too great an asset to roam free. He knew what a prison was, he wasn’t a fool.

               If he were braver, he would do the proper thing and end his life. A Fae who could not access nature, especially sunlight, was as good as mortal. Or dead.

               He shuddered, clenching his jaw against the unruly torrent of thoughts that had taken over his mind.

               This was his lot, and any other Fae, regardless of the price they had to pay, would be more than grateful to serve the Fae royals. But he wasn’t just any Fae.

               He was so distracted that he almost didn’t notice the way that the rock wall he’d been chipping away at fell away, replaced by a glowing golden outline, bright lavender runes shining in the dank gloom.

               Korrin dropped his pick, and it hit the ground with a ringing clank.

               What had he discovered? How?

               His heart raced, fluttering in his Adam’s apple.

               Through his door, was it possible to find escape from his shackles?

               Before he could muster up the courage to push his way through the door, he heard a female voice.

               He looked around, wondering if everyone in the mine could hear it, or if this was meant for him alone.

               Hurry, Korrin. Isn’t this what you wanted? To escape?

               He didn’t need any more encouragement than that, and he clenched his fists, pushing through the rock wall, expecting it to resist him.

However, he fell through the portal and landed on soft, green grass. He could feel the sun on his face, and he screwed his eyes shut; it felt as though he’d been underground for days instead of hours.

He looked around when his eyes adjusted; he appeared to be in the center of a bustling village, and he was overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, and smells. Everything felt foreign outside of the mines.

Then he heard the same voice that had urged him to come through the portal sounded behind him.

“You made it. I have a proposition for you, Korrin Gemheart.”