I started on tumblr ten years ago in March 2009. One of my first posts was a book review. So, at least I am consistent. 

I made my avatar on the Mad Men avatar creator that came out in July 2009. I never even watched Mad Men. I just liked the style. And I used to smoke, so the profile pic fit. 

I smoked from 16 to about 35ish. I don’t have an anniversary of quitting, as I didn’t really quit on a specific day or even year. I started trying to quit in my early 30s. I smoked, then I tried to stop, then I picked it up again, then I quit again, and so on, until it finally stuck. 

I’m 39 in less than a month, single and childless, highly educated and gainfully employed. Sometimes, I’m this way because I chose it, and sometimes, I’m this way because life is weird and takes it’s own trajectory, regardless of your intentions. Am I in a rut or am I on a particularly rutted path?

The ten year anniversary gift is tin or aluminum, which seems fitting, for ten years on tumblr.