5k Followers giveaway!

Hello friends! Here at kazmtaz I just reached 5,000 followers 😮 im very grateful so i wanted to celebrate!

the PRIZE:

i made some soc buttons! these arent the final versions – i need to adjust the images so the text doesnt get cut off and some minor color corrections. The buttons are about 2.5 inches in diameter and the art is drawn by me

First place

The full set of all six buttons!

Second place

Any two buttons of your choice!

Third place

Any one button of your choice!


  • Must be following kazmtaz
  • Likes and reblogs count for entries
  • Do those things as much as u like but be reasonable yeah? no spamming
  • Winners should have their ask box open and be ready to give me their address. If i dont hear back in 24 hours or so I’ll redraw
  • Winners will be selected with a random number app
  • unless its like a million zillion dollars ill totally cover shipping
  • ill draw the names on march 26th!

heres the art i drew for them!

please reblog this version isntead of the one without watermarks <3

three more days!

boy am i ever dumb! im still doing the drawing on the 26th. i just plum forgot!

These are so cute!