🎉300 Follower Contest🎉

Yeet mcgeet y’all there’s 300 of u. Nice. I am very poor, but I wanted to give something away to celebrate, so I’m doing an art giveaway. 👉👉

How to enter:

•Reblog (as many times as suits ur fancy)

•Follow both this blog @rosemarymilktea and my art blog @stbadluck

•Don’t tag it as giveaway or anything similar

That’s it!

Winner will get one digital painting of their choice. It’ll be a painting of similar style to the ones below. Any one or two characters, or I guess an object if u really want. Bust/shoulders up. I’ll put it out there now that I’m shit at drawing anything furry…



(this giveaway is not in any relation to Tumblr the platform)

I’ll choose the winner on April 11th. Keep ur inbox open so I can message you if u won.

Good luck 😊

This person’s art is dope!