READ!! THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE!!!! (This is all I have!!)

My health is actually failing. I’m not being dramatic when I say I could die If I don’t get the medical help I need.

I suffer from chronic illnesses (a rare version of MTHFR HOMOZYGOUS, HIT, DEEP VEIN THROMBOSIS, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE + more) and I am disabled and trans. I am jobless due to my illnesses and I am currently without any necessary resources to survive, be healthy, stable, or safe..

I have a rare blood clotting disease that causes me to be at the HIGHEST RISK possible to have a heart attack, aneurysm, or stroke. This disease has also resulted in multiple major surgeries, and countless other major procedures that have left me with debilitating chronic pain and other disabilities (limited use of my dominate arm, and even tasks like sweeping leave my arms in immense pain). I have two stints in my chest keeping my main vein open to my right arm so the blood can flow to it. And it still has trouble flowing back which causes swelling and excruciating pain in my arm. The main vein in my chest has been patched and dissected from a vein from my thigh because the veins in my right arm and chest are so damaged they weren’t able to save much. I had to get a rib removed because it was pinching my vein and causing clotting during which damaged a lot of muscles in my chest and shoulder causing even more chronic pain. They also wired my chest shut.

So I NEED to have access to good health care. I’m chronically ill with horrible and scary diseases. I’ve already almost died three times, and have been on my death bed twice.. I’m in and out of hospitals constantly, they don’t have the resources to help. I NEED HELP. I NEED TO LEAVE AND MOVE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE!!! Please fucking help me!! Boost my links, donate whatever! I’m grateful for anything !!

I DON’T WANT TO DIE I’ve been fighting for my life since I was 16. I’m taking my health seriously and using the little bit of energy that I have to get shit done.

I’m honestly only asking for the bare minimum of what I need to move, and for rent…

I’m trying to move to Colorado to escape (my abuser and stalker that I have a really traumatic history with. Violence and including assaults) I’m stuck in my hometown right now in northern MN. Where I’m at right now IS NOT safe for me and I NEED to leave..

My friend in Colorado has a place that I can move into ASAP, I just need first and last months rent. I have to move this month or she has to find a different roommate because of her own financial situation, so this is my ONE and only lucky chance!! I NEED to move to Colorado for access to better health care (to keep me alive), and for my own safety.. This is VITAL for my health (mentally and physically).


NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT AND BE AN ALLY !! ALSO PLEASE READ AND SHARE MY STORY/LINKS!! REPOST, & REBLOG!! Copy and paste my links & story & share on ALL your social media’s (twitter, Facebook, tumblr and Instagram!!!!) it helps me so much !


If you donate, message me so I can thank you personally !!! Thank you ♥️

Please help this person get the safety they deserve.

Please help this human get the help he needs. 


Hey y’all, I made it to Denver and I’m alright (a lot of personal shit has gone down) ! And I have a bed (finally). 🙏🏻💕

But my meds are 300$ and I have to pay out of pocket for them (which I can prove)

Rent here is really high,

and In between that and my meds (that are detrimental for my health, which is NOT doing well), and transportation in between appointments (fucking ridiculous here… I also have receipts for that), I could use some help. Like it says, I’m chronically ill (with severe chronic pain) and I’m disabled so I cannot work rn.

I’m going to have to get some blood tests done, and that’s going to be a pretty penny.

So if I could get any help, I’d really appreciate it.

If you can’t, that’s ok. I appreciate you ALL, especially all the support and love I have gotten through this really fucking shitty time.

Reblogging, boosting, or whatever, helps just as much. Ily thnk u

*seriously, anything counts. All is appreciated 💕

PLEASE boost this,

I just got some horrible fucking news AND on top of that, I got a used car yesterday (yay) and then immediately got pulled over and got a ticket.. which I can’t offord rn.

My meds are around 300$ rent is 800$ and now I have late bills, and pay out of pocket (WHICH IS TRUE) and my health is failing, and I’m disabled so I can’t work rn. I’m hustling as much as I can but it’s not enough…

If you can help me I’d reallllyyy appreciate it. Thank you

ive been following this person for years and ive seen them through so much. i have literally no money but if anyone can help please do so, we need to keep our trans and disabled siblings alive and safe !!!!

An emergency happened and I need help!!!!!

I have to go into urgent care without insurance.

This is going to be hundreds if not thousands 🙁

Please help him :((

Please, for the love of god, help him

Alright. I’m homeless rn, and I need to get to Oregon, where I’ll have a safe place. And I have medical bills that I NEED TO PAY,


Please boost this!!!



I’m so sorry, I wish I could do more! Sending love and good vibes your way! <3