Hey all, I got real nostalgic after seeing the Super Live this weekend so I was going through all the Sailor Moon swag I’ve collected over the years. A lot of these items were gifts which is why I’ve held onto it all for so long. BUT, I naturally have a lot of Kondo-compatible sensibilities and I can’t justify holding onto it anymore. Let’s give these trinkets a better home – Sailor Mars fans, this is your moment!

You will receive:
-1 Sailor Stars artbook purchased in Japan in 1996
-2 gift bags
-1 Sailor Mars art card… artist unknown sorry
-1 derpy Sailor Mars sticker
-2 knit dolls, Sailor Mars + Sailor Moon
-1 Chibi-Usa time key keychain
-1 Sailor Mars MicroBlock figure
-2 senshi gashopon w/ stands, Sailor Uranus & Sailor Jupiter
-1 Sailor Moon scrunchie (never worn)
-2 Sailor Moon gashopon brooches, the series 1 version lights up
-2 Sailor Moon  makeup bags
-1 Sailor Mars shirt

Bonus items that lived in the same drawer as all this stuff lol
-1 button from B-SIDE Label
-1 Pokemon Master Ball knit keychain
-1 Charizard gashopon

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Giveaway will end on my fav’s birthday – April 17th, 2019. All submissions will be entered into a random generator. Winner will be contacted by DM. 

Even if you’re not into Sailor Moon, please reblog this post to spread awareness! Good luck <3