(WP) Daisy in the Sky with Diamonds

(WP) Daisy in the Sky with Diamonds

               Her dream had always been to fly. To climb higher than the clouds, to shatter the Earth’s atmosphere. To go where no one had dared before, past even the stars.

               What answers awaited her up there?

               Daisy was so absorbed in her own thoughts, her eyes on the sky, that she crashed into someone on the sidewalk and end up falling, her butt meeting the rough concrete painfully.

               She lay down on the sidewalk, breathing hard through the pain.

               Why, oh why, couldn’t she just watch where she was going?

               “Oh! I’m so sorry!”

               A deep male voice sounded through the fog of her pain. She’d definitely have a bruise in the morning from this collision.

               “I didn’t see you there! Are you all right?”

               When the fog cleared, she blinked up at the unfortunate person who had run into her. With her head in the clouds, she hadn’t at all been paying attention to where she was walking. Daisy felt a pink flush beginning to climb, from her chest to her neck.

               “I’m fine!” She said, starting to stand up. Before she realized what was happening, there was a warm hand wrapped around her forearm, helping her to stand up straight.

               “It was my fault,” She added, laughing shyly. “I didn’t see where I was going. I’m so sorry.”

               Now that she was standing, she could see his face.

               He was so handsome that it should have been made a crime. Or he should’ve come with a warning label. He had skin that was kissed by the sun; the tan lines around his eyes and on his shoulders told Daisy he spent a lot of time outdoors. His face was covered in freckles, and his eyes were a brown so dark they reminded Daisy of black coffee.

               “How rude of me,” She said, feeling her blush grow from her neck to her cheeks. “I bumped into you and I didn’t even introduce myself!”

               She held out a hand, smiling. “I’m Daisy. Daisy DeLuca.”

               Her new companion smiled, and she decided she liked the way his eyes crinkled at the corners when he did so.

               “I’m Seth. I’m happy to meet you! Although I wish it had been on better circumstances.” He laughed, putting a hand behind his neck and rubbing it in a self-conscious manner.

               “It’s wonderful to meet you, Seth. Would you please allow me to buy you a coffee? It’s the least I can do after crashing into you like that.”

               “I’d like that, Daisy. And you can tell me what you see in the sky that looks so interesting.”


               “And that’s how your mother and I met,” Seth said at the dinner table one night, telling the story to their two children, Lily and Rose.

               Seth had insisted on naming their girls after flowers, in tribute to their mother.

               Daisy smiled at her husband, blushing warmly as she remembered their first meeting. Of all ways to meet the love of your life!

               She had received so much in her life. First Seth, and then the sky.

               She couldn’t ask the universe for anything more.