Who loves a hulking hero who intimidates eve…

Who loves a hulking hero who intimidates everyone with his massive size and strength but is secretly just a lonely, misunderstood hunk of a man with a heart of gold? Me! Me! I do!

Halfway Girl by Tessa Bailey

I really loved this short novella. It has a lot of heat, but also a lot of heart.

Locked into the basement together, Birdie quickly realizes Jerimiah is more than just an extremely attractive, huge football player. Jerimiah realizes Birdie is someone quite special who needs him to come out of his shell. So they fall in love! Surprise ending!

Is the insta-love extremely instant? Yes. I don’t particularly mind that so much when the hero and heroine are portrayed as being swept up in an overwhelming attraction for each other, obliterating doubt and putting common sense on the back burner. It’s ridiculous, but it’s such a romantic kind of ridiculous, you know? And Birdie and Jerimiah really compliment each other, each realizing they need to overcome their issues in order to be the best partner and friend the other could ever want. It’s really hits you in the feels, for such a short read. 4 stars.