Ok. Deep breaths. I am a crazy Reapers MC/Joan…

Ok. Deep breaths. I am a crazy Reapers MC/Joanna Wylde fan. So hearing there was a new novella coming out had me breaking out the grabby hands. But then I read it. 

Eli’s Triumph by Joanna Wylde

I live and die for the Reapers MC. I re-read the entire series, as a whole, at least once a year. I re-read my favorite books in the series two or three times a year. Unfortunately, Eli’s Triumph is definitely not going into the favorites pile.

Peaches and Eli have been enemies ever since childhood. They have a history of mean pranks, arguments, and misunderstandings. Eli gets out of prison and is all set to takeover his uncle Gus’ bar, which Gus actually promised to Peaches five years ago when Eli first got locked up. Major betrayal! And then there is the problem of Eli being so freakin’ hot– even as Peaches is sticking needles in his voodoo doll, she can’t help but reminisce over their drunken hookup back in the day. Can Eli make it right between them? Or will Peaches burn down the bar and everyone in it?

The problem with this book is that it is kind of small. It’s a small story– and motorcycle club romance isn’t really meant for small stories. There isn’t a lot of action happening. It’s mainly emotional drama. Peaches and Eli need to work out a lifetime of misunderstandings. Peaches and Gus need to come to terms over his broken promises. And Eli and Gus need to make peace with their past. 

What the story lacks is the motorcycle club-ness of MC romance. The danger, the suspense, the vroom vroom roar of men and women riding out on motorcycles to face their destinies! Yeah, Eli and Gus are Reapers, but they could just have easily been ranchers, in the mafia, Navy SEALs or any other archetypal hero and the same story would have played out. So, even though it is a good enemies-to-lovers story, I was disappointed. 

All that said, it really is a good enemies-to-lovers story. Peaches and Eli have so much broken history between them, and Gus’ betrayal cuts Peaches so deep, it seems almost impossible that things will work out. It’s a lot of fun watching Eli and Peaches fight and come together. 3 stars.