(WP) Unholy Matrimony

(WP) Unholy Matrimony

 These days, it was not unusual for a human to make a deal with a supernatural creature.

Of course, depending on the bargain, you’d have to find the said creature. Demons, merfolk, angels, Nephilim, ghosts, and gods.

For me, I was looking to make a deal with The Devil. Or at least one of his subordinates. Sometimes you have to take some shortcuts to get what you want to be. I considered myself an ambitious person, but I wasn’t about to slave away under some idiot, trying to climb the corporate ladder. Nah, that was thinking too small. I wanted to rule the world, screw the rat race.

So that’s how I ended up in a dry, barren desert in Scottsdale, Arizona, murmuring in broken Latin, the stars staring down like bright, cold eyes. I’d had to pay a pretty penny for the incantation, but what was a few hundred dollars for world domination?

The ghost of my voice hovered in the air, and I gritted my teeth against the goosebumps that sprang up on my arms. If I’d been catfished, I was gonna be pissed. But my fears were unfounded because a plume of red smoke began to cover the sky, funneling toward me like something out of a horror movie.

The smoke materialized into a curvy woman with a bright, crimson grin and eyes so dark they appeared to be black.

“You rang?” She asked, her voice melodic and soft, deceptively so.

“I need a word with your boss,” I said, smirking down at her. “Lucifer, the big guy, the head honcho of Hell.”

“I’m afraid you’re stuck with me,” She rejoined, laughing. “You have to be special in order to talk to The King of Hell, after all. But I can help you easily.”

“Uh, no, you can’t,” I said, shrugging. “You see… I want a special bargain and need to speak to him personally. Go on down and tell him it’s important, won’t you? I’ll make it worth his while.”

The demon frowned, her arms crossed, but her mouth was mashed into a thin line, eyes narrowed; I could tell she was listening to me. I wasn’t budging; this gamble was crazy, and I hoped it would work.

A few tense moments passed before the ruby-colored smoke disappeared again. The wind blew cold, sending up sprays of golden sand. It took so long that I found myself wondering if I’d overreached. If this was the time that my want, desire, and ambition were going to destroy me.

But this time, the smoke blocking the stars was black, dark as oil, as pitch, and a handsome man in a fine gray suit appeared in front of me. His smile was like something out of a magazine, and his eyes flashed dark.

“One of my employees told me you had the most interesting proposition for me.” He purred, in a voice that made me think of crushed velvet. “She said that you demanded to speak to none but me. Lucifer, the first Fallen. I presume you want a deal?”

“Of sorts,” I replied, smiling. “I wanted to offer you my hand in marriage, as well as my soul.”

“In exchange for what, pray tell?” He asked, circling me, a smirk on his lips.

“The world. I want the whole world. I want to be Queen of Everything.”

 I shrugged. “If I have to be on the Devil’s arm to achieve my ends, then so be it.”

Much to my surprise, The Devil laughed uproariously, the sound echoing back at us in the vast space.

“Oh, God, I haven’t seen this kind of ambition in a long time. I love it. You’ve got yourself a deal, girlie. Let’s hit Las Vegas and get hitched.”